Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

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Porcelain fused to metal crowns are more affordable than all ceramic crowns.

The entire crown has a metal layer underlying and porcelain / ceramic on top of it.

A porcelain veneer is fused over the metal shell. The porcelain layer is 1.5 mm to 2 mm thick depending on the area of your tooth. The porcelain layer is tough, withstands the chewing forces very well, and looks like your natural teeth.

They are strong and durable. The reason being the underlying metal makes your crown stronger and more stable. The metal enhances the bonding to the tooth.
They look like your natural teeth You have a variety of shades to choose from to make it look like your other teeth. A unique property of porcelain is, it is translucent, and it helps to mimic your natural teeth


The process of preparing the porcelain fused to metal crown is like that of other crowns. Your dentist examines your mouth, gives anesthesia, prepares your tooth, takes an impression, and designs a crown. Your dentist ensures that the porcelain fuses to the metal which melts at a higher temperature for making your PFM crowns; thus, PFM crowns don't melt in your mouth or change their fittings when you have hot or very hot foods. This property of metals used for making the crown also ensures that porcelain keeps its natural color when we fuse it to the metals while making PFM crowns.

Prices starting from £100 per crown